Curriculum Overviews, April – June 2022

Curriculum overviews

Please take a moment to look over the attached curriculum overview for your child’s class, for this term. These provide an outline of the core learning in class and related ‘home learning’ supports for the coming weeks.

Take care and stay safe.

Love from Team Edenside

P1Pennington / P1Pennington @ home

P1White / P1Pennington @ home

P2White / P2White @home

P2Sutherland / P2Sutherland @ home

P3Douglas & Fleming / P3DF @ home

P3/4Cowan / P3/4C @ home

P4/5Wood / P4/5W @ home

P5McTeir (school and home)

P5/6McCombie (school and home)

P6Bryce & Ballantyne (school and home)

P6/7Davidson (school and home)

P7Wood (school and home)