Home learning – Monday 18th January 2021


Here are the learning grids for this coming week. 16 lessons that you can plan for over the coming days. More detail for each class will either be on the class Facebook page (Nursery – P3) or your child’s iPad (P4-7s).

If you have any questions about any learning, please just get in touch. The school office will forward any specific queries straight to class teachers who will respond as soon as possible.  For any technical issues, please also contact the office in the first instance. We’re here to help!

Remember, teachers are providing regular opportunities to talk about the home learning (or anything else):

  • Nursery are making weekly phone calls to parents and carers
  • P1 – P3 are offering daily Facebook ‘text chats’ with parents and carers
  • P4 – P7 are offering daily Teams meetings with pupils themselves

Learning grids…

See the class Facebook pages for more detail and regular support

See the pupil iPads for more detail and regular support