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Starting Nursery is a special landmark for you and your child. Our friendly Early Years team will work in partnership with you to make sure your child has an enjoyable experience at nursery, right from the start.

You know your child is a unique individual and we will work hard to get to know your child in that way too. We value each child as special, with a unique personality and interests. As we get to know your child, we will capture his/her curiosity and help him/her to be all that s(he) can be. In fact, that’s our motto for our whole school, for all adults and children to “Be The Best You Can Be”.

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We aim to make Edenside Nursery a very good place for children to grow and blossom.Our Early Years team work hard to ensure that our nursery is a safe, calm, secure setting, which stimulates and challenges our youngest learners. Our team are highly experienced, caring and committed to continuous improvement to ensure the best for all of our children. As our most recent Care Inspectorate report states:

Children were being nurtured by staff who truly cared for them. Staff put children at the centre of everything they did and provided good role modelling. They were a strong team who worked and communicated well together to promote the best outcomes for the children. It was evident they…enjoyed their job. As a result staff were enthusiastic, skilled and knowledgeable in how they cared for and educated the children.

Our spacious playroom and nurture room offer many play opportunities that encourage your child to learn and develop through exploration, investigation and play. Every day there are chances to pursue something interesting and try something new, supported by caring adults. We offer many indoor activities to develop creativity and fine motor skills. Our truly excellent outdoor area encourages creativity and risky play that develops gross motor skills. The staff team encourage and support our little learners to “have a go”, to keep trying, to make friends, get along with others and grow in independence. Weekly visits to the Secret Garden ensure that our children develop a love of nature within a natural environment. There is a very well-judged balance of child-led and adult-led play, all at the right pace for your child.

Our very positive Inspection (November 2019) states:

Children were excited and happy to be in nursery encouraged by the atmosphere of mutual respect and warmth. They were comfortable and busy in their chosen activity both indoors and outdoors and fully involved in their learning. By learning to self regulate their emotions and behaviour they were becoming responsible and independent.This was evident in children’s shared experiences and how they cared for and looked out for their peers and staff. Children’s views and interests were valued and this meant they were confident in their interactions and finding out about the topics they were interested in. They told us what they liked to do in nursery and were proud of their achievements and so were staff. Independent thinking and problem solving was evident throughout and no more so than in the Secret Garden and the stimulating outdoor space where children were developing life skills, self-esteem and confidence.

The full report can be found here.


Whether this is your first child coming to Edenside, or whether you already know us well, we look forward to welcoming you and your child. It will be a joy to work  hand in hand with you to ensure that your little one thrives in the warm, happy community of our nursery.

Love from the Edenside Nursery team


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