Our improvement journey

What are we doing to make our school ‘the best it can be’?

The main achievements of our school over the last 12 months can be found in our “Standards and Quality Report” Edenside SIR 2022-23

In summary, our key successes over the last school year were:

  • Improved teacher subject knowledge and pedagogical practices in the teaching of writing.
  • Implemented a tracking system for literacy and numeracy.
  • Increased use of digital technology to support learning and teaching as sharing this with our families. (ELC to P7).
  • Introduced using the Zones of Regulation as part of our nurturing schools work.
  • Improved our planning to ensure high quality intentional promotion and continuous provision in our Early Learning and Childcare setting.


What are we doing this year?

Areas for Improvement 2023-24
  Short Term Medium Term Long Term
Learning, teaching and assessment including Inspire Learning. Explore and use the cheviot Teaching and Learning Toolkit. Familiarisation with the #SBCWay Oracy development. Family learning plan delivered incl. use of Showbie.Family Involvement Year Planner 2023.24
Inclusion Professional learning about neurodiversity and introduction of LEANS.Learning About Neurodiversity at School (LEANS) | Salvesen Mindroom Research Centre (ed.ac.uk) Enhance UNCRC work including focus on increased pupil voice and leadership.Pupil Leadership Develop respectful relationships and anti-bullying policy in line with SBC guidelines.Respectful Relationships and Anti-Bullying Learning Establishment Statement Edenside Primary SchoolWork towards nurturing Schools UK award.
ELC Further develop the ELC environment in the continuous provision. Further develop sign-a long practice Family learning plan delivered incl. use of Showbie.Open Early years centre for 2 days a week to support families.
Ongoing Improvements 2023-24
1 Refine our IDL and MAD / STEM programme, ensuring it aligns with our Curriculum Rationale and the Edenside Offer.
2 As a whole school, incl ELC, we are working towards a nurturing Schools UK awards.
3 Continue to embed the writing work we focussed on last session.
4 ELC – Embed planning, delivery and assessment of the intentional promotion curriculum.

To find out more about our School Improvement Plan for 2023-24 please click the link below

Edenside SIP 2023-2024

At Edenside Primary School, we recognise the importance of attendance and the direct link this makes to having positive outcomes for our children. We strongly encourage all children to attend school as much as possible and be on time to school each day. Attendance Policy