Our improvement journey

What are we doing to make our school ‘the best it can be’?

The main achievements of our school over the last 12 months can be found in our “Standards and Quality Report” Edenside SIR 2021-22

In summary, our key successes over the last school year were:

  • Improved teaching subject knowledge and pedagogical practices in the teaching of Maths.
  • Increased use of digital technology to support learning and teaching.
  • Consistent learning and teaching for all pupils despite significant staff absence as a result of COVID.
  • Improved observation and reflective practices in our Early Learning and Childcare setting.


What are we doing this year?

Areas for Improvement 2022-23
  Short Term Medium Term Long Term
Learning, teaching and assessment including Inspire Learning. The teaching of writing – expert input for all teaching and support staff Showbie – revisiting use in classes to support feedback and sharing Improved attainment in writing
Inclusion An inclusive school – expert input for all staff on support child self-regulation Ongoing input for I&WB about inclusive practices Improved ability to meet emotional needs of all learners


To find out more, please see our Edenside SIP 2022-2023 which explains the different elements in greater detail.