Staff List

Support Staff
Office team Mrs E Webster
Mrs S Fleming
Pupil Support team Mrs C McKenzie          Miss A Kerr
Mrs A Lyons                 Mrs D Mitchell
Mrs M Hill                    Mrs T Murray
Ms J Johnstone
Catering team Miss J Fairley
Miss B Dalgleish
Mrs K Robertson
Miss N Hogarth
Cleaning team Mrs J Morrison
Mrs C Whellans
Janitor Mr D Hastie


Nursery Staff
Early Years Officer Miss L McHarg
Early Years Practitioners Mrs N Moir                                     Mrs L Renton
Mrs J Armstrong                           Miss K Watson
Mrs A Feeney                                 Mrs J Patterson
Mrs R Pearson
Miss L Gillie (mat leave)
Modern Apprentice Miss S Redpath


Class Teachers
P1Y Miss E Young
P1W Mrs G White (Mondays – Mrs L Dagg)
P2R Mrs H Rain
P2/3C Miss L Cowan
P3P Miss J Pennington
P4T Miss M Thomson
P4/5M Ms F McTeir (Wednesdays – Mrs P Whittaker)
P5DF Miss L Douglas and Mrs N Fleming
P6BB Mrs S Bryce and Mrs A Ballantyne
P7D Miss M Davidson
P7W Mr J Wood
Support for Learning Mrs S McLear
Additional curriculum teachers Mr A Sutton (P.E.)


Senior Leadership Team
Head Teacher Mrs K Dixon
Depute Head Teacher Mrs K Pearce
Principal Teachers Mrs S Bryce
Mrs N Fleming
Miss L Douglas
Mrs G White