P1-3 bulletin: Friday 5th March 2021

This is a special newsletter for our P1-3 children who are now back in school.

That’s the end of another week. Doesn’t time fly…

Staying vigilant is so important

Ensuring the health and wellbeing of our children, our staff and you as families is our number one priority right now. Please help us by:

1) Following the ‘4 steps for being safe on the school run’;

  • Adults must wear a face covering at drop off / pick up.
  • Stick to one adult at drop off / pick up.
  • Adults keep 2 metres apart.
  • Avoid car sharing.

2) Being vigilant about COVID-19 symptoms; self-isolate if required and follow NHS ‘Test and Protect’ advice. Please phone the school to let us know if a member of your household tests positive.

3) Reporting a child’s positive test result immediately either by phoning the school (if during office hours) or using our new ‘positive test’ form.

Parent phone calls

For those of you who booked a phone appointment with your child’s teacher, we hope you found the conversation helpful. The focus of the discussion was slightly different to what we had planned at the start of this school year but, nonetheless, our teachers were delighted to be able to talk with you about your child. We look forward to continuing this conversation through the various ways we share.

Cracking on with learning

Whilst it’s only been 2 weeks since the children returned, in many ways it feels like we haven’t been away. Lockdown has affected each child in different ways and our job is to help every one of them move forward with enthusiasm and confidence. We are now firmly in our ‘reset’ phase of back to school which means we have assessed the learning of each child and are now planning the next steps in learning for them. We are very clear that we want to focus on the core aspects of Literacy and Maths, to ensure every child is as capable and competent in these core subjects as they can be right now. But we also want to ensure they enjoy a rich and interesting wider curriculum so we will continue to ask BIG questions and find answers in creative ways.

End of day pick-up

Thank you for your help in ensuring our end-of-the-day pick up goes as smoothly and safely as possible. Using the multiple exit points is helping us to spread out the number of people leaving the school site. We do have one very important request… regardless of your exit point, please use the lollipop crossing points to ensure you and your children cross the road safely. Whilst it is very tempting to quickly ‘dash over’, it is our responsibility as adults to model safe road crossing and the lollipop points are the safest way to cross the road. It may mean a slightly longer walk but it is the only safe and responsible option. Thank you

World Book Day 2021

We LOVE books and we are committed to ensuring every child can read and has the opportunity to enjoy reading. This year’s World Book Day saw you and your child creating vegetapals of their favourite book character. The creations were quite outstanding; gold star to you as parents and carers! If you’ve not had a look at the class or school Facebook page recently, please do; you’ll be amazed at the levels of creativity and fun.

World Book Day tokens

Every year, the Scottish Book Trust provides children with a £1 book token to be used in any bookshop against the purchase of a book. We strongly encourage you to use these and find a book that your child can enjoy. Vouchers were sent home in school bags yesterday (Thursday) so you many need to have a rummage!

School lunches

Please continue to use ParentPay to order your child’s school lunch. Whilst school dinners for all P1-3 children are free, we still need you to order your child’s preferred meal choice. This really does help Mrs Fleming in the mornings. Thank you.