P4-7 bulletin: Friday 5th March 2021

This is a special newsletter for our P4-7 children who are currently still at home.

Back to school very soon

Tuesday’s confirmation from the First Minister is very welcome. We are so looking forward to welcoming the P4-7 children back to school. Full details about arrangements for a safe return will be shared over the course of next week. Needless to say, Team Edenside is excited to be getting back to some form of normal.

Parent phone calls

For those of you who booked a phone appointment with your child’s teacher, we hope you found the conversation helpful. The focus of the discussion was slightly different to what we had planned at the start of this school year but, nonetheless, our teachers were delighted to be able to talk with you about your child. We look forward to continuing this conversation through the various ways we share.

Remote learning for 1 more week

Next week will be the last for remote learning. Please encourage your children to stick with it for this last week. Every lesson and task has been specifically planned by class teachers and is part of the ongoing learning programme. Learning grids will be uploaded to the school website on Sunday evening.

Live Teams sessions next week

The daily live sessions have been such an important part of our remote learning approach, giving the children a vital opportunity to remain connected to their teacher and each other. The sessions will continue throughout next week apart from one day when your child’s teacher will be in their classroom setting up for Monday 15th. Each teacher will confirm this day with their class and there will be no live sessions on that particular day. However, the learning tasks are still to be completed please.

World Book Day tokens

Every year, the Scottish Book Trust provides children with a £1 book token to be used in any bookshop against the purchase of a book. We strongly encourage you to use these and find a book that your child can enjoy. This year, for P4-7 pupils, we have been provided with an e-voucher – simply download this flyer and show it to your chosen book seller!

Staffing changes

There will be some necessary teacher changes when the children return, as a direct result of COVID-19 and other factors. We appreciate that change can be unsettling but your help in reassuring your child that everything will be ok and that the school will still be the same is really important. Further and final details about these changes will be confirmed as soon as possible prior to the children returning on Monday 15th.

Primary 7

We are incredibly aware that we will soon entering the final term of the final year of primary school for our P7s. This is an exciting time and we are more committed than ever to make the final term count and for our P7s to leave Edenside on a high. Please look out for a special communication next week with details about the P7 residential, P7 hoodies and some plans for the final term.