P1-7 bulletin: Friday 19th March 2021

One year ago today – what a year it has been

It’s quite staggering to reflect on the events of this day in 2020; for the first time in living memory, all schools had to close. This time a year ago we were sending our P7s away through a farewell tunnel and every child had a folder full of home learning resources. Little did we know that one year on, we’d still be in the grips of the COVID-19 virus, albeit with a new feeling of hope and optimism because of the vaccination.

The past year stirs many emotions; sadness at the losses, pride in our community resilience, hope for a brighter year ahead. What we do know is, whatever the next year holds, our school community, our school family will continue to love each other, laugh together and learn alongside one another. That’s what we do.


Back to school success

We’ve come to the end of another week and, for our P4-7 children, the end of their first week back in school. It has been another hugely positive week and it has been truly wonderful to have a full school again, to have every classroom full of learning and the playgrounds full of laughter. The children are a credit to you, their families, in the way they have returned so calmly and positively. There has been much talk in the press about children’s anxieties on returning to school but this is not what we are experiencing. We’re seeing quite the opposite, the children of Edenside are glad to be back, happy to see their friends and teachers, pleased to be ‘back to normal’.


Science week

This week has been a particular success because of the fun and interesting theme of science week. Every child, from nursery to P7, has spent the week getting scientific. There has been much talk of innovation and invention as we’ve found out how science has made a difference to our lives. Look out for updates on the class and school Facebook pages. Alternatively, for P4-7 pupils, ask your child to show you some of their work in their iPads; an innovation in itself!


Staying vigilant – protecting all of us takes all of us

Ensuring the health and wellbeing of our children, our staff and you as families is our number one priority right now. Please help us by:

1) Following the ‘4 steps for being safe on the school run’;

  • Adults must wear a face covering at drop off / pick up.
  • Stick to one adult at drop off / pick up.
  • Adults keep 2 metres apart.
  • Avoid car sharing.

2) Being vigilant about COVID-19 symptoms; self-isolate if required and follow NHS ‘Test and Protect’ advice. Please phone the school to let us know if a member of your household tests positive.

3) Reporting a child’s positive test result immediately either by phoning the school (if during office hours) or using our new ‘positive test’ form.


PREVENT – important information from SBC HQ

Please take a moment to look over the attached letter from SBC HQ which reminds us all of the importance of being vigilant in our awareness of what our children are doing online.