Nursery Friday bulletin: 11th September 2020

Dear Parents and Carers,


We have had another lovely week in the nursery and here are some of our highlights:


  • Our budding bakers have been busy making cheese and fruit scones, ham and cheese pastries, chocolate chip cookies and shortbread. Yum!


  • Some children have been on an ‘adventure’ around the school, using positional language to talk about where they were  and what they were doing. For example, ‘in the bike shelter’ or ‘under the trees’.


  • The children helped move to fill our fantastic new sandpit with a delivery of sand. Exciting times!


  • There’s been a growing interest in numbers and counting, prompting some children to make a number line for the garden area.


  • We collected natural objects while out for a walk to use to make models and pictures to show the start of Autumn.


Snacks next week:

Morning snack Afternoon snack:
Monday Part baked bread and toppings  A selection of fresh fruit
Tuesday  Custard or jelly  A selection of fresh fruit
Wednesday  Breadsticks and soft cheese  A selection of fresh fruit
Thursday Crumpets and toppings A selection of fresh fruit
Friday A selection of fresh fruit
Fresh fruit/vegetable sticks is always available during morning snack.



Changes to Collection Arrangements

If there are any changes to your arrangements for picking up your child, please do phone the school to let us know. If you’re unsure at drop-off time which adult will be picking up your child, please feel free to indicate more than one named adult.


Parent Postcards

Thanks to all of you who have returned your  ‘Parent Postcards’. It’s lovely to read your comments and we appreciate the time you take to read them and respond.


Thank you for continuing to being vigilant in keeping your children at home if they are ill. As a reminder, if anyone in the family shows symptoms of Covid-19, please follow the NHS Scotland guidance, which can be found here. As per the most recent guidance, children and adults must remain at home for 48 hours after a negative test. Thank you for continuing to work with us to keep our school community safe.


Have a lovely weekend!

Kind regards,

The Nursery Team