New 3.30pm pick-up arrangements (P1-7 only)

The end-of-day arrangements have continued to be part of our ‘new routines’ that we have kept under review, especially given the recent rise in positive COVID-19 cases both locally and nationally. We’ve also had some helpful feedback from parents about the problems with using the swimming pool car park as an entry point. So, after some reflection and planning, we will be introducing NEW arrangements for the end of the day.


Change 1 – arriving at school for pick-up

All parents will enter the school grounds via the main gate and a new one-way system will be introduced. (See video)


Change 2 – collection points and times

Classes will leave / be collected as follows:

  • P1s = 3.30pm collection from yard (outside changing rooms)
  • P2s = 3.30pm collection from yard (sheltered area)
  • P3s = 3.30pm collection from basketball court
  • P4s = dismissed by teachers at 3.25pm to be met by parents/carers away from the school.
  • P5 – 7 = No changes

Children in P4-7 with younger siblings will wait at the picnic benches outside the dining hall, supervised by class teachers.

Parents with children in P1 or 2 AND P3 will collect P3s first and then head to the yard for P1s and P2s before then heading out of school.


Change 3 – leaving the school grounds

Everyone will be directed to exit the school grounds via the nursery gate. This opens onto a much larger pavement area, away from the swimming pool car park and buses.


It is hoped that these changes will reduce the number of parents needing to be in the playground, eliminate the ‘overcrowding’ and risks arising in the swimming pool car park and make for a safer, less-crowded exit point from the school for everyone.


The attached video should help explain all of the above more.


Thank you all for your patience and understanding as we strive to ensure Edenside is as safe as it can be.