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Who am I? Who do I want to be?

The national Developing the Young Workforce network are preparing to launch the #DYWKeyWorkers awareness campaign across Scotland to showcase jobs within the key sectors. The purpose of the campaign is to make children and young people more aware of the broad variety of jobs within our key sectors and what skills and qualities key workers need for their jobs every day.


Get involved!

The national Developing the Young Workforce network are inviting primary pupils to get involved in the campaign by getting creative and completing some fun, key worker related activities;

Activity 1 – Design your own key worker

Activity 1 Design your own keyworker with template,Activity 1 Design your own keyworker without template

Activity 2 – Create your own key worker poem

DYW Key Worker Activity 2

To get involved, parents should upload completed designs to social media from the 1st – 5th June and tag us at @DYWBorders with the hashtag #DYWKeyWorkers.


Our children in Scotland will be the future of our workforce and we hope that this campaign inspires them into roles that have proven to be invaluable in protecting us all.