P1-7 bulletin: Friday 11th June 2021

Is it really the 11th June already? That can’t be right, can it?


COVID update

You will no doubt be aware of the increase in positive COVID-19 cases over recent days, both nationally and locally. This is, of course, concerning and reminds us of all the importance of staying vigilant. We really want all of our children, families and staff to be able to complete the full term and begin the holidays without any interruption. Your help with this over the last few days is appreciated.


1) Report a child’s positive test result immediately either by phoning the school (if during office hours) or using our new ‘positive test’ form.

2) Be vigilant about COVID-19 symptoms; self-isolate if required and follow NHS ‘Test and Protect’ advice. Please phone the school to let us know if a member of your household tests positive.

3) Follow the ‘4 steps for being safe on the school run’;

  • Adults must wear a face covering at drop off / pick up.
  • Stick to one adult at drop off / pick up.
  • Adults keep 2 metres apart.
  • Avoid car sharing.


Sports day success

We hope your children enjoyed our sports challenge days as much as we did. The classes were amazing as they competed in a set of track and field events. Everyone gave their best and the two days were a great success.

A special thanks for Mr Stobie for organising the event and to all the staff and senior pupils who helped.

And a special congratulations to Springwood on being this year’s winners. Well done.


Classes for August

Details about your child’s new class were shared at the start of this week. Next week, on Tuesday afternoon, the children will meet their new teacher and new classmates. This is both exciting and slightly unnerving but we hope it will be positive for everyone. For those children getting one of our new teachers, they will not be able to meet their new teacher on Tuesday BUT they will be able to meet their new class mates. Then, as soon as the new teachers are confirmed, we will arrange special ‘meet my teacher’ sessions.

To confirm, the class teacher plans for across the school in August are:

  • P1 = Miss Pennington
  • P1/2 = Mrs White
  • P2 = Mrs Whittaker & Mrs Burton
  • P3 = Mrs Fleming & Miss Douglas
  • P3/4 = Miss Cowan
  • P4/5 = new teacher
  • P5 = Mrs McTeir
  • P5/6 = new teacher
  • P6 = Mrs Bryce & Mrs Ballantyne
  • P6/7 = new teacher
  • P7 = Mr Wood
  • Support for Learning = Mrs McLear
  • Enhanced support teacher = Mrs Brown (3 days per week)
  • PE teacher = Mr Stobie (4 days per week)


Showbie – sharing your child’s learning online

Please look out for a special email from school about a new online platform called Showbie. The email is relevant for ALL pupils, not just those with iPads. Showbie is an app which all SBC schools will be using from August to share your child’s learning with you, via a secure online platform. It is really important that you read the special email and complete the consent form details requested. Thank you in advance for your help.


P5 iPads

As part of SBC’s rollout of iPads, it is actually necessary to collect in the CURRENT P5 pupil’s devices. Whilst we know they have only had them a short time, they are required to return their current device before the summer and will receive a NEW device in August. The returned devices will then be given to the new P4 pupils. This cycle of use is part of the iPad rollout plan. P5 families, please look out for further details next week.