Vision & Aims

Edenside………be the best you can be!

  1. We prepare our learners with skills for whatever path they choose in the future
  2. We celebrate each other’s strengths and work together to support everyone to achieve their best
  3. Together we are caring and inclusive
  4. We encourage creativity and independent thinking

“Edenside Primary School is a community where everyone is respected and valued. Through creativity, originality and effort we aim to achieve success and fulfillment for all.”

As a parent or carer, you will have no doubt at all about what makes a good school. I am sure you share our view here at Edenside that first and foremost children need to be happy and secure in a safe environment. When this is in place, younger children are happy to separate from their carer, and all children across the stages of the school thrive in their learning.

Good, positive behaviour management underpins our ethos here. I have a high visibility across the school, as do my management team, and we are assigned to a playground area every day with our support staff, to ensure children play in safety and harmony. We have high expectations across our whole school community with regard to courtesy, manners and how we treat other people. We are lucky to have such a cheerful, well-mannered and helpful bunch of children, testament to the values you share with them at home.

In learning, we talk a lot about improving on our personal best, so that children know from the earliest that their best efforts are expected, encouraged and valued. We all have different skills and talents and every one of us has different capabilities and capacities. We encourage ambition in all our children, and everyone is valued wherever they sit on the attainment range.

A very capable and committed teaching team work hard for the children, with a valuable contribution from our classroom support staff, They ensure that teaching is well planned and thorough, in line with the expectations of the Curriculum for Excellence, and that learning is fun and engaging for the children. Every day I am delighted by the examples of creative, inspiring teaching I observe in our school and our regular parent invitation events and our annual Showcase bears witness to the high quality of learning and teaching that defines Edenside Primary School.

At Edenside, the pastoral care of our children sits in equal importance to the priority we place on learning, in a school that is caring and inclusive, with a special place in the heart of our community.