Home Learning – January 2021

During the last lockdown, we developed an approach to home learning that worked. It worked for the majority of our children, their families and our school community. However, things move on and our approach to home learning must do the same.

This time around, whilst there will be a lot that is familiar about our approach, there will be some new aspects too.

Some elements will be very familiar…

Home learning Jan 2021

Some elements will be new…

Home learning Jan 2021cWe are aiming for high-quality learning that is achievable at home. Remember, most parents aren’t teachers and we’re not expecting you to be teachers. Many of you will be trying to work from home as well as supervising home learning. What we do want is to provide high-quality learning that you can support but that our teachers direct.

Our approach to learning, whether at home or back at school, is based on the MARGE model…

Home learning Jan 2021b

Each week, we will provide a ‘learning grid’ for every class, available here. This is be a downloadable PDF that provides a week’s worth of learning; 4 Literacy lessons, 4 Maths lessons, 4 Health & Wellbeing lessons and 4 ‘topic’ lessons. You can then plan when you want your child(ren) to complete their learning – make it work for you and your circumstances.

Just so you know…

  • P4-7 pupils > additional instructions and resources will be accessible through the iPads.
  • Nursery-P3 pupils > additional instructions and resources will be accessible through the class Facebook pages or this website.

The prospect of home learning may be daunting so we offer a possible structure for your day (but this is absolutely not required or expected).



NurseryP1 to P7
Before 9 Wake up!

9 – 10 Exercise time

10 – 11 Grid time

11 – 12 Creative time

12 – 1 Lunch time

Afternoon Free time
9 – 9.45 Literacy
9.45 – 10.15 Break
10.15 – 11 Numeracy
11 – 11.30 Break
11.30 – 12 Physical exercise
12 – 1 Lunchtime
1 – 1.45 Additional task
1.45 – 2.15 Break
2.15 – 3 Additional task