Whole School Bulletin Friday 17th June

Happy Friday everyone! Another very busy week for the whole school.

Sports Day

A big thank you to Mr Sutton for organising such a fun day for everyone. The sun shone and everyone demonstrated great sportsmanship, trying their best and cheering on their peers. It was lovely to see so many family members supporting the children for the first time since 2019!

Kelso Laddie

Yesterday, the Kelso Laddie and his supporters visited the school. The children sang beautifully and their behaviour was excellent. This was the first time the whole school have been in the hall at the same time since 2019 so it was a very exciting occasion for us all.

School Uniform

As we approach the end of term and thoughts turn to buying new uniform for the new school year we would like to remind everyone that wearing uniform is a practice the school encourages, and we seek the support of parents in this matter.

Our uniform consists of a red sweatshirt/cardigan bearing the school badge or a plain red sweatshirt/cardigan, (navy or winter emerald for Primary 7 pupils) white shirt or polo shirt, black trousers or skirts and black shoes. T-Shirts and polo Shirts for PE are available from the school’s sweatshirt supplier, and an order can be placed at any time online from our suppliers. Please note, we discourage any jeans/sports leggings and unsuitable footwear and the wearing of football/rugby team colours. We do ask that all articles of clothing and footwear are labelled with the child’s name in indelible ink, not just initials.

Breakfast Club

As we approach the end of term could users of breakfast club please ensure their Parent Pay accounts are in credit to cover the final week.

Nursery News

We are so very proud of all our nursery children as we have had a busy week and they have all been truly amazing.

Sports day was a little emotional for some of us but overall it was a great success. The children have been sharing their highlights with each other and continued to demonstrate their new skills and abilities while playing outdoors.

A visit from the Kelso Laddie was enjoyed by the entire school which was very special as it is the first time we have all been together since COVID. The children had been practicing some Kelso songs over the past few weeks, they sang beautifully during his visit and behaved impeccably throughout, well done everyone.

We are hoping the lovely weather is here to stay, can you ensure that children have a water bottle, sun hat and sun cream with them daily. As you will appreciate the application of sun cream can be a very time consuming task when there are 40+ children to support, can we please ask that sun cream is applied before the children arrive at nursery, staff will help with reapplication if required.

Nursery graduation for the children who are heading to school after the summer will be held Friday 24th June 9.30am in the main hall. We are very much looking forward to welcoming all parents, carers and family members to celebrate with us. Children should attend nursery as normal and all visitors make their way to the main school entrance, and a member of staff will open doors 9.15am for you to take your seats. We estimate 45 minutes for the ceremony.

Here’s what the rest of the school has been up to this week –

P1 – learning the ‘wh’ sound; made rosettes for the Kelso Laddie visit; had great fun at sports day

P1/2 – learning how to use tally marks; learning some colours in French; had great fun at sports day

P2 – using tally marks to gather information; racing at Sports Day; made rosettes for the Kelso Laddie visit

P3 – built a large building out of Kapla

P3/4 – it was great seeing the Kelso Laddie in school; we built a huge tower out of Kapla and the Kelso Laddie put on a piece!

P4/5 – doing multiplication and division; listening to a story and writing about it

P5 – running 750m at Sports Day; making oat biscuits

P5/6 – doing the tug o’ war at Sports Day; revising the 4 operations in maths; writing poems about Civic Week

P6 – taking part in Sports Day; seeing the Kelso Laddie; we went to the Secret Garden with nursery

P6/7 – taking part in Sports Day and the P7s have been working hard on their leavers’ show

P7 – met with staff from Kelso High School; taking part in Sports Day; practicing our leavers’ show

Dates for your diary

  • Thursday 23rd June = Rescheduled information meeting at 6pm for new P1 parents
  • Tuesday 21st – Thursday 23rd June = P7 3 day visit to Kelso High School – please wear school sweatshirts NOT leavers hoodies
  • Wednesday 22nd June = ‘Meet my new teacher’ for upcoming Primary 1s only. Primary 1 classes will be confirmed before this day and the children will spend some of the afternoon with their new teacher. For P2-P7 classes, please see Tuesday, 28th June below.
  • Friday 24th June = Nursery open afternoon for new nursery children
  • Friday 24th June = ‘Shorts and Shades’ dress-up day organised by our Parent Council – suggested donation of 50p
  • Friday 24th June = Rag Bag collection – look out for bags coming home soon
  • Monday 27th June = P7 Graduation (PM) – details to follow
  • Tuesday 28th June = P2-P7 classes will move up to meet their new teachers in the afternoon. There are some decisions to be made regarding staffing across the authority which necessitate a slightly later moving up date for P2-P7. As always, thank you for your patience and understanding. Classes will be confirmed before this day.
  • Wednesday 29th June = P7 trip
  • Thursday 30th June = Last day of term
  • Wednesday 17th August = pupils return to school