Holidays & In-Service Days 2021 – 2022

Monday 16 August 2021Staff resume, in service day 
Tuesday 17 August 2021In service day 
Wednesday 18 August 2021Pupils resume 
Friday 8 October 2021
Local casual holiday
Monday 18 October 2021In Service Day
Tuesday 19 October 2021All resume
Monday 29 November 2021St Andrew's Day holiday, school closed
Thursday 23 December 2021
All break, last day for pupils, term ends
Monday 10 January 2022All resume
Friday 11 February 2022Pupils break, last day for pupils, February holiday
Monday 14 February 2022Staff in service day
Tuesday 15 February 2022
All resume 
Friday 1 April 2022All break, last day for pupils, term ends
Monday 18 April 2022All resume
Monday 2 May 2022
May Day holiday, school closed

Tuesday 3 May 2022Staff in service day
Wednesday 4 May 2022
All resume
Monday 30 May 2022Local casual holiday
Thursday 30 June 2022Last day of term for pupils and staff