School Uniform

Wearing uniform is a practice the school promotes as it encourages children to take pride in belonging to the school and fosters a ready to work attitude and we seek the support of parents in this matter.



Our School Uniform consists of a

School Uniform Logo

School Uniform Logo

  • Red sweatshirt bearing the school badge or a plain red sweatshirt
  • white shirt or polo shirt,
  • black trousers for boys, trousers or skirts for girls
  • black shoes.

The school discourages any jeans and unsuitable footwear. The wearing of football/rugby team colours and hooded tops is not allowed in school. We would prefer children not to be wearing brightly coloured trainers to school.

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Our Nursery Uniform consists of a

Nursery Uniform Logo

Nursery Uniform Logo


  • Purple sweatshirt bearing the school badge and
  • Yellow polo shirt

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Please mark all personal items of clothing or property with your child’s name or initials as many articles are identical.